Craft Language

Is the Craft compiler open source?

Yes the Craft compiler is open source. You can get to the source code in the navigation menu on the left.

Can I write a code generator for Craft compiler?

Yes the Craft compiler has the ability to load external code generators, all code generators that are written must also have an assembler written for them.

Can I write an object format writer and a linker for Craft compiler?

Yes the compiler framework allows for this please take a look at the source code and look at the OMF(Object Module Format) reader/writer and the binary linker named "BinLinker".

What is Craft language targeted for?

Craft language is a general purpose language it can be compiled to technically anything as long as a code generator exists for it.

Is Craft language the same as C?

Craft language is not the same as the C programming language although borrows many concepts. In Craft language you can only have one array index and macros are used differently. Craft language also has different primitive types than C does. Please read the forum for more information.